Panelised Construction

Panelised Construction is the method of building the walls, roofs and floors for a structure in a quality controlled environment, delivered to site and incorporated into the structure all in an environmentally manner.


When the project drawings are approved, our structural engineer will design suitable panels for manufacture, installation and transportation. Manufacturing the panels in a controlled environment with our trained assembly team results in a finished wall that is square, dimensionally correct and fit for its purpose.

Environmentally friendly

As soon as the panels arrive on site, the building is wrapped in a number of days making it weather tight and reducing the risk of mould, warping and mildew which can be common in traditional construction.

Vehicular transport coming to site can be reduced by 40% as the walls are arriving complete.

Financial benefit

In traditional construction, the structure of the building would be open to the elements of the weather for numerous weeks. This results in the interior trades (joinery, plumbing, electrical) not commencing work until the building envelope is enclosed. Panel construction encloses the building in a number of days meaning the trade’s can start on site at an earlier date.

Reduced waste

There is less waste in manufacturing the walls off site as all material is ordered and calculated to size, minimising waste when cutting.

Types of Panelised Construction

There are two main types of panels that Adston manufactures – Open Wall and Closed Wall.

Open Wall

Open wall panels would arrive on site with all window and door openings cut out. Windows and doors are then fitted on site.

Closed Wall

Closed wall panels have windows and doors fitted off site and are delivered to site finished and ready to install.