Residential Development in Scotland


Duns & Eyemouth, Scotland

Adston completed a full design, build and finance project of 62 residential dwellings, over 2 sites of 62 modular build homes including 4 special needs accommodation units and 12 modular cottage flats. The scheme included a mix of one, two and three bedroom houses, including those adapted for people with disabilities and specific needs.


Working with the client design advisory committee, a design concept statement was prepared. Adston took into consideration the local character of the site, its setting and the need for a distinctive sense of place. A focus on good pedestrian links side by side with vehicle access and open spaces came together with an eye on minimising future maintenance costs.


Adhering to standards such as the Scottish Silver Active Standard for efficiency and the House for Varying Needs and Lifetime Homes, Adston created efficient, smart and energy saving homes for a diverse group of residents. Manufactured in our Livingston facility, the modular units were delivered to site, up to six homes per week, bringing 21st century construction technology to this new development.


The homes at Duns can run for as little as £3 per week, compared to the average of £23 per week in Scotland. Certified by the Scottish Borders Council and Premier Guarantee, the houses and flats are at the forefront of energy saving and environmental awareness in building processes. The manufacturing efficiency also means that Adston can respond to housing needs quickly while maintaining construction excellence.


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