Eyemouth, Scotland

This was a full design and build contract. The site consisted of 24 modular build houses, a mix of two and three beds at 85m2 and 106m2 houses respectively and eight cottage flats @45m2.


All designs and layouts were agreed in advance with the client’s design advisory committee.

In advance of any works being done on the planning application, which we also dealt with, a design concept statement was prepared for the site to create a distinctive sense of place that responded to the local character of the site and its settings.

We also had to consider access for both pedestrian and vehicular, public open space, private open space, boundaries, features, privacy and security. We then brought this to the client’s design advisory committee and developed our overall design which stipulated minimising future maintenance and cost.

The houses were designed and built to meet the following standards;
House for varying needs/lifetime homes.
Scottish Silver Active Standard for efficiency.
Secured by Design.


Once all the architectural designs were agreed with the client, there was a six-week fabrication design lead in for the first units.

The modular homes were manufactured in our facility in Livingston where they were internally completed prior to delivery to the site, less the fitting of the kitchens.

The finishes in the factory included fitting external and internal joinery, first and second fix mechanical and electrical, fitting the sanitary ware and painted out. The modules were then transported to site by road where the foundations were prepared ready to receive the units.

It took six weeks to manufacture the first set of houses. Adston delivered four to six, two storey houses per week to the site.

While the modules were being manufactured in the factory, the site team was preparing the site works, which included foundations to receive the units and utility connections for water, power, foul and surface connections.

A typical three bed house was fitted on site in four hours. When the houses were in place they were roofed and external render board fitted ready for finish.

Quality and Accreditation

Our homes and designs are fully compliant with all current building regulations and all materials used are either BBA certified and or CE marked.

As we use quality materials and technology of the highest standard our houses can run for as little as £3 per week compared to the average in Scotland of £23 per week.

In relation to quality and certification, all homes were inspected at various stages both on site and in the factory and certified fit for habitation by Scottish Borders Council, Premier Guarantee also inspected the homes both in the factory and on site and certified same.

All houses have the benefit of an 11-year premier guarantee. We are certified for BOPAS and BLP accreditation. All works were carried out in line with our ISO management system.

Building Element

Actual Development Specification


1.4 W/m2k


1.6 W/m2k

Ground Floor

0.12 W/m2k

External Walls

0.19 W/m2k

Seperating Wall

0.00  W/m2k

Cold Roofs (standard Attic)

0.10  W/m2k

Warm Roofs (Room-in-roof)

0.08  W/m2k

Air Permeability

1.5 m3/(h.m2) @50 Pa


Decentralised MEV

Heating System

Electric Heating Offset by Photovoltaics

Heating Controls

Programmer, Room Thermostat, TRV’s, Boiler Interlock

Hot Water System

Air Source Heat Pump Integrated with 200L Hot Water Cylinder Pump

Thermal Bridging

Enhanced Thermal Bridging

Intermediate Walls

44 dB Rw

Intermediate Floors

53 dB Rw

Seperating Walls

62 dB Dnt,w61 dB DnT, w

Seperating Floors

61 dB Dnt,w61 dB DnT, w (higher is better)

(airborne sound insulation)


Seperating Floors

47 dB Dnt,w61 dB DnT, w (lower is better)

(Impact Sound Insulation)