General Construction includes industrial, institutional, commercial and residential construction work. With an impressive track record and portfolio, Adston is equipped with extensive construction expertise to meet both public and private sector client requirements.

Adston specialises in many aspects of General Construction, including;

• Design
• Build
• Remodelling

The company appreciates the importance of understanding the distinct needs and challenges of projects from the outset. As part of the General Construction process, Adston immediately meets with the client to, define project requirements, understand the overall objective and identify possible issues.

Adston offer Pre-Construction services, which include:

• Preliminary Budgeting
• Planning
• Design
• Engineering Coordination
• Value Engineering
• Long Lead Item Procurement
• Scheduling

At the beginning of every project, Adston will work with the client to define the project path, which will have a significant impact on the overall service journey and the end result.