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Modular & Off Site

We’re using cutting edge technology and processes to bring modular, off-site construction to a range of developments.

Adston delivers modular units on site, on time and on budget. With quicker build times, higher energy ratings and a constant eye on sustainability, Adston off site and modular builds are efficient, attractive and in demand.

Adston use a modular and off-site construction technique, which allows us to build ecologically clean and sustainable buildings, while saving energy and time. The units are manufactured to a high standard, suitable for the construction of multiple story facilities. These can be panelised or modular, depending on the project and client requirements.


Using advanced off-site building methods, we offer our clients a fast track construction solution with minimal disruption to the surrounding facilities.

The advance pre-fabrication factory enables Adston to speed up the project timetable in a way that is not achievable by on-site building technology.

Strict quality control and inspection implemented within the factory, provides a guaranteed comprehensive quality solution. We can plan, design and build from scratch or expand existing facilities. In our modern factories, we use a liner production line with large capacity; fast and cost effective.

Our experience involves planning, designing and construction and equipment supply to range of facilities, including residential houses, elder and nursing facilities, student accommodation, offices and many more.

Construction Partner to Progessive Brands